Across hillsides

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Vines that cling to the slopes of La Savoyarde

A mountain, La Savoyarde, with slopes stretching from west to east, with our parcels scattered across them….

A first group of parcels, with diverse profiles, is situated at Chignin, to the west (on the left in the photo). A second group, more ‘southern’ in character, was planted at the beginning of the 2000’s on terraces on forgotten slopes (on the right in the photo)

… 4 to 5 kilometers of precipitously steep tracks.  …

This means that we travel 4 to 5 kilometers almost daily, over steep paths that wind across the hills around Chignin, Francin and Montmélian.

Our vineyards


The origin … the terroir of Chignin

And not long ago … the forgotten slopes of la Savoyarde

The family estate was established in and around Chignin. After our grandparents and parents, we in our turn still cultivate the traditional grapes of Jacquère (white), Mondeuse, Gamay, Pinot and Persan (red).

… from just a few square meters to half a hectare.

All these parcels are very scattered, with at least thirty different plots ranging from just a few square meters to a maximum of half a hectare.


View from the Chateaux mound towards the slopes and valleys of Chignin, with the Belledonne mountains in the distance.

But this dispersion, associated with the topographical and geological diversity of Chignin, makes these parcels an extraordinary place of experimentation for the winegrower with a desire to respect and bring out the singularity of each of them.

The slopes of La Savoyarde at Chignin

At Chignin, our parcels are divided into three sectors, each with its own particular profile :

  • The west facing slopes of La Savoyarde, of limestone scree, where we grow the Jacquère for part of our Vieilles Vignes, the majority of our Mondeuse for Et ma Goutte de … and Les Granges Tissot, and the Persan for our most recent creation for our Arbyolâ.

The Châteaux mound

    • The Châteaux Mound, made up of fragments of schist covered in a fine layer of clay, marks the northern extremity of the vineyards as they run towards the slopes of La Savoyarde. It is there that our Argile sur Schiste takes form. The red Pinot Noir and Gamay grapes for Sel de Marius also benefit from this protected zone between the mound and the slopes of La Savoyarde.

    The lower slopes

  • The lower slopes are gentle valleys of ancient glacial moraines with alluvial clay deposits. Most of our old vines of Jacquère for the Vieilles Vignes are to be found in this zone.

It was in 2001 that we completed our modest vineyard holdings by replanting several parcels on the southernmost part of La Savoyarde (at Francin and Montmélian).

… incredibly steep,

Our forefathers, at the beginning of the 20th century, had abandoned these abrupt slopes, too difficult to cultivate.

But each year these hillsides reveal enormous potential. Orientation, soils, topography, climate… all the fundamentals are there !

It is for us to know how to transcribe it …

Here nature seems to offer the vines everything that is most extraordinary. It remains for us to transcribe all that the terroir can express. It is a huge task, and one that we strive to put into practice year after year.

Baron Decouz and La Coulée de Proserpine

Our “new” vineyard is composed of parcels spanning three named sites, each characterized by a specific type of scree and earth :

Each parcel is vinified separately to become either a parcel selection wine, or part of a blend.

  • Les Toises” produces two parcel selection wines, Baron Decouz (Altesse) and La Coulée de Proserpine (Bergeron). The soil is coarse-grained limestone scree, loose and well-draining, to a depth of several meters. White/grey to brown/black. Orientation SOUTH/SOUTH-WEST
  • Les Salins” produces a single parcel wine of the same name, Les Salins (Bergeron). Still scree, but finer and made up for three quarters of very white limestone grit. White/grey. Very steep incline. Orientation SOUTH/SOUTH-WEST

Les Salins and La Perette

  • La Perette” produces Saint Anthelme (Bergeron) and goes into part of the blend for Exception (Bergeron). Limestone scree, with fine clay. Brown/red, iron oxide. Very steep incline. Orientation SOUTH.