Post 2021

If we had to choose one image to resume all our intentions in our work, it would most certainly be that of our grandfather, Marius TISSOT.

In touch with the earth !

2021…  continuity  

Keep it simple

First organic (AB) certification for our 2021 white wine made from the Jacquère grape – our 2 Chignin, Vieilles Vignes and Argile sur Schiste. 


Improve our biodynamic practices.

Plant more trees.

First organic (AB) certification for our 2022 white wine made from the Altesse grape – our Roussette Baron Decouz


First organic (AB) certification for our 2023 white wines made from the Bergeron grape – all our Chignin Bergeron wines

100% of our wines certified organic

The wine naturally becomes better !

Seeking out virtuous practices,

linking natural balance and healthy vines …

And just a glimpse of some of our projects

Amphorae !

Terracotta, stoneware, ceramic …

The mineral versus the organic world of ageing in oak barrels !


The primary sense,

a revelation ?…

Coppicing, agroforestry

Vines first sprang up where the forest meets the grassland .

The art of compromise !

Natural Energies

Biodynamics …

Focus on the essential !

The fifth element

SO2, a life force, but …


Creating added value from all our resources !