Over to us … 1995-2010


The beginning of our adventure

1995 et 1998

The two of us, Denis, and then Didier, take up the reins …

2001 to 2004

Replanting of several “heroic” parcels on the renowned southern slopes of La Savoyarde mountain: soon to give birth to Chignon Bergeron wines !


We produce the first Chignin Bergeron wines : Exception and Saint Anthelme


First mention in the Guide RVF 2007 in the category “New Domaine”, for Exception 2005 noted 16/20


Noted in the Guide RVF 2008 in the category “Domaine to watch” – Exception 2006 noted 17/20


Noted in the Guide RVF 2009 in the category “1 star” – Exception 2007 noted 16,5/20

From Magali BUY,  Activmag october 2018

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A look back at the immensity of our achievement… from our humble point of view as winemakers on our journey through this century !

1996 … The first bottles



Another age … when the wines of our fellow winemakers of the Savoie, and our own, somewhat baroque and archaic in style, were thought of as just a distraction for the tourists who frequented our mountains in winter …

But that was reckoning without the real gems that are hidden in the valleys of La Savoyarde, where nature has concentrated all its riches. These patches of terroir had always been known, but it needed vision and a certain amount of perseverance and insolence to awaken their potential. This was our moment …


2001 – 2010 … Return to the “heights”

The best terroirs

Our family vineyards that are situated around the village of Chignin, to the west of La Savoyarde, are not enough to ensure the economic equilibrium of our small estate. We also want to concentrate on the best terroirs. The southern slopes of La Savoyarde were renowned, but remained uncultivated as the abruptness of their slopes, and the lack of manpower, had caused them to be abandoned during the first world war.

A formidable challenge …

So we got together with a number of different landowners and launched a project to rehabilitate the slopes that had returned to their natural state, and been wild for over a century. Two or three other winemakers joined us. We created and shared a network of steep paths to enable us to access the very top of the parcels. It was a formidable challenge. Almost no-one in the Savoie, before us, had really tried to do this on such exposed slopes …

10 years later …

The first three vintages (2005, 2006 and 2007) of Exception, the iconic cuvee of this amazing venture, launched us into the Guide RVF, to become one of only 10 wine producers listed in the Savoie. In 2009 we were awarded our first star*.

Ten years later, we had successfully risen to the challenge. The place lived up to the myth. Capable of creating white wines of extraordinary definition.